The James Hervey Johnson Charitable Educational Trust was established in 1988, upon the death of Mr. Johnson at the age of 87. His will dictated that a permanent endowment be established with the earnings distributed to organizations involved with the following:

•  Reason as opposed to religion

•  Publicizing Mr. Johnson's views on religion

•  Publicizing Mr. Johnson's on views on health

Grants are limited to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations; no grants are made to individuals. Grants are not awarded for any lobbying or political objectives, nor are they awarded to projects or organizations outside of the United States.

The Trust has established a portal on the web to enable interested 501(c)(3) organizations to apply for grants online. Once at the grant portal, it will be necessary to create an account that will be used throughout the application process, including submission of the grant request and backup documentation, tracking status of applications, and notifications of the decisions made by the evaluation team. As a convenience, applications can be started and saved as desired and status updates will be available by accessing the account created. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE APPLICATION DEADLINE IS JUNE 30TH FOR EACH YEAR. Be sure to submit material on time for consideration.

To apply for a grant, please follow this link.....      GO TO THE GRANT PORTAL





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