Health - June 1973

Perhaps the greatest cause of death, suffering and sickness is the medical superstitions that prevail and are sponsored by the government, the press and the TV. This writer by careful observation and experience has estimated that if the proper health education were carried out in the U.S., 90% of the sickness could be prevented, lives could be lengthened and an immense amount of suffering could be prevented.

The press and the TV not only do not permit any of the truth about natural health to be presented, but actually, like hounds after a rabbit, seek to persecute and smear as quacks, faddists, nuts, and fools, any who would point the way to superior health, without drugs or doctors or hospitals except in case of accidents. The hospitals now are so backward that they actually serve liquor to their patients, along of course with all the medical poisons. Some hospitals are so thick with tobacco smoke that it is very annoying to the sensible people who do not use the poisonous smoke first hand, and only have to take it second hand in the places they are required to be.

Of course the press receives enormous sums from liquor and tobacco and the politicians, ever grasping, reap enormous sums from the tax on these dangerous poisons.

A hundred billion dollars a year at least could be saved if the people were allowed to receive the natural health knowledge. Hospitals cannot be built fast enough to accommodate the skyrocketing sickness among Americans. Nearly everyone is tainted by the medical blight. Billions of words glorifying medical practitioners and promoting drugs are published, but never a single word about natural health.

Publishers of natural health books do so at their peril. The Truth Seeker readers will remember that post office censorship-medical censorship attempted to bring charges against The Truth Seeker for advertising and making available the book How to Stop Smoking, which offered a money-back guarantee if the book did not help. The book should have been made a textbook in the public schools, instead of the government suppressing it, as they have many other fine health books that could and did save people’s lives until they were suppressed.

Millions of dollars are given to the political parties and politicians by the medical trust and medical doctors, all of whom are favorable to pro-medical and pro-drug legislation, and the expenditure of billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money to perpetuate the drug and medical superstition. The medical fraternity is the highest-paid in the nation and its so-called researchers rake in many billions of dollars in worthless and injurious experiments.

For superior health, no drug or medicine should ever be taken. The diet should consist of fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, nuts and a limited amount of beans and whole grains; they should be used sparingly. Man apparently evolved to use these foods. He does not have the claws or the fangs or the short intestines of the meat-eating animals. Meat has been proven unnecessary by millions of people and some of the greatest civilizations grew without the use of flesh.

Because of man’s hunt for living room, and the expediency of eating what he could get, he has adapted himself to many kinds of foods which, while keeping him alive, also keep him sick and inefficient and affect his mind.

The use of liquor, alcohol, tobacco, artificial and chemicalized foods and drinks, coffee, tea, cocoa, a preponderance of refined white flour and white sugar and all manner of depleted foods, the unnatural use of milk, which animals do not use beyond weaning, the mixture of all kinds of gas-forming “garbage” in the stomach cannot help but bring about disease.

Gorging on rich food, eating snacks at all hours of the day and night interfere with the normal digestive system. When the victim takes aspirin or some painkiller or chemical gas reliever and adds to the poison in the body, which, overworked trying to neutralize the poisons, suffers grave injuries.

Now all this is not expected to be taken on faith as the medical and drug practitioners expect their advice to be taken. The readers should experiment and observe others. Medical doctors who oppose what they call quackery and faddism die as young or younger than their patients. Our records are full of the reports of their deaths and the deaths of the so-called researchers.

We have endeavored to get the Government to observe what the Natural Hygienists have found out; we have endeavored to get reports in the press and have had a few on TV but, drowned out by the pro-medical propaganda, our efforts have been in vain. We have endeavored to get the insurance companies who lose billions because of the sickness and early death of their customers, but they absolutely will not investigate. They have been told that the medical doctors know all about health and anyone else but such is a crank, faddist and nut.

We have endeavored to get the great foundations such as the Ford Foundation, the Arthritis Foundation, the Lung Foundations, the Mental Health Associations to investigate. All have summarily dismissed any idea of investigating the benefits from natural health methods.

All of these supposedly intelligent men have been so indoctrinated with medical superstition that they are like the religious fools, there is no other side to be investigated. After centuries of failure, which is not publicized, but instead fake cures are glamorized, the masses and the leaders still promote more of the same kind of failure, of course to their immense multi-billion-dollar profit.

Until the more intelligent men realize that the press and the TV are primarily engaged in slanting their propaganda and in prohibiting, censoring and suppressing the truth and the things beneficial to humanity, billions will be spent needlessly, millions will die prematurely, and they will suffer, including THE MEDICAL DOCTORS, THEIR ASSISTANTS, THE LEADERS OF THE TV AND RADIO AND THE DESTRUCTIVE PUBLIC PRESS





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