The Editor’s Day

It is 2 A.M….James S. Copley, the billionaire publisher, is dead. Yesterday I worked all day putting on a roof…Now that seems to a casual reader, all utterly unrelated. But Truth Seekers must have comprehensive knowledge in order to arrive at a proper conclusion.

Copley died of cancer at 57. He had had it for 10 years and must have suffered enormously, in spite of his billion dollars, his newspapers that reached into the homes and influenced hundreds of thousands and his news service that reached 40,000,000 readers. He of course had the best care that medical “science” could produce. His round-the-clock care must have cost a fortune.

He had inherited an enormous publication empire from his foster father, and he had increased it greatly. He knew the newspaper business, grew up on it, BUT HE DID NOT KNOW HOW TO LIVE. His papers carried billions of words of the kind of propaganda that helps to cause the premature death of millions of people, and enslave millions. His readers were never taught intelligence, nor how to live – but the opposite.

His papers glorified booze. He had several columnists who were always writing about wine, cocktails, beer as if they were one of the greatest enjoyments of life. One of them tells about the rich liquor Copley drank – of course he could afford the best!

He glorified religion. He was lauded greatly by Bishops and Archbishops of the Catholic Church who flew in to give him a special mass – in which Protestant Billy Graham participated and helped to preach the mass and funeral orations. They told that he was a man of God and how he had promoted religion. His papers for several days told of what the great and the near-great said of him.

He was strongly opposed to Atheism. Never a word about it was permitted in his papers unless it was critical of Atheism. Your editor’s letters regarding this and any other subject were systematically excluded from any of his papers.

Copley was never a friend of the taxpayers and supported billions of dollars worth of bond issues. Your editor opposed this form of tax slavery. We doubt that a man doomed to die of cancer would have the desire to study all sides of all subjects.

For years the side of the taxpayers, represented by your editor, was fully excluded from his enormous newspaper chain.

During the time when your editor was writing frequent articles for the State College newspaper, and delivering natural health lectures, supporters endeavored to have our views presented in the Copley Press, but were told that nothing of this kind would be permitted.

All material in the Copley press was strictly orthodox medical propaganda. The press helped to raise hundreds of millions for cancer, multiple sclerosis, polio, epilepsy, tuberculosis and other forms of diseases. Billions of words of such propaganda filled his columns. Never one word about natural health methods. The few readers of The Truth Seeker know more about how to live (if they follow our advice) than the millions of readers of Copley News.

They know more about philosophy than the readers of the one-sided news of the great publication empire – one of many others that lead our people into superstition and cause their suffering from disease and cause premature death.

Copley’s alleged God did nothing for him nor for his millions of readers. A man suffering from cancer for 10 years cannot be said to be leading a happy life. On several occasions on tax and related matters his papers did great damage to this editor – and once we threatened his papers with a libel suit if he did not retract the statement that we were Communists and promoting the cause of Communism. His paper published a retraction.

Now – what has this to do with 2 A.M.? Just be patient.

The great ordeal of being soaked and maligned by the redevelopment authorities who have beaten me out of $75,000 in value in taking the property where The Truth Seeker is published is over and I have had time to get caught up on some urgent work. The Copley Press supported the great tax gouging that caused the condemnation and loss of our property. In another $175,000,000 redevelopment project, his block of publishing buildings and many other nearby properties was bought – and about the day he died, a huge multi-million-dollar new building was built for his use. But he will never see it working.

So, after the first phase of our condemnation is passed, for we must now go through a second phase of appealing the case on many grounds, we found that we had time to fix a roof on one of our properties – we had expected a worker to do this job but he had been held up by weddings, the necessity of doing work on his newly married daughters’ houses and his own – built to escape regulations and high taxes, so we had to do it, for the rainy season approaches.

On Saturday and Sunday the 13th and 14th of October, with two workers, we worked two days to tar the roof, climbing ladders, spreading tar and putting on the roofing paper. It is heavy work.

We got on our knees to nail the roofing tacks. We daubed the tar on the overlaps. We helped to cut the rolls of roofing. We made the flashings. It was lucky that it was a very hot day – that made the tar stick well – some of it on our shoes, and plenty on our hands, of course. We were bending, stooping, lifting, all day. Cutting the sand-covered roofing in pieces for flashing took the skin off our tin snip-fingers. And we got all the roof done…No fear of rain now.

So what does 2 A.M. have to do with this? If you are not bored, read on.

Remember that your editor is 72 years old – but doesn’t feel it. We have carried out stooping, bending and other exercises for years to keep fit – part of the Natural Hygiene System. Copley, a follower of medical “science” is dead at 57 – after 10 years of sickness. We are surely sorry for his lack of knowledge how to live and those of his readers. He could have done an enormous amount of good – almost impossible of computing – if he had promoted natural health and the policies of The Truth Seeker, or even given some right to have these things known in his enormous propaganda activities.

We represent Atheism and Natural Health – and we are alive and strong and able to do heavy physical work at 72 – we do not depend upon either the Catholic God nor Billy Graham’s God and Jesus, now do we fear Satan, who is considered an actual being by Graham. We do thank Dr. H. M. Shelton for the great beneficial knowledge he has made available for us. He just passed his 80th birthday. Still, the 2 A.M. is to be explained – just read on.

Medical Science and the claim of the nutritionists is that everybody should have a “good breakfast,” surely cereals, eggs, ham, or sausage, coffee, chocolate, maybe a glass of fruit juice. Especially is this true of a man doing heavy physical work.


On the days we did the heavy roof work we had three oranges for breakfast. They were delicious. I said it was a hot day – we have them here in San Diego in the winter.

For lunch, I did not feel like eating heavy food. I had two big glasses of fresh delicious orange juice. I had one spoonful of natural peanut butter – there was no more. Back again to five hours more heavy work.

Let me say, there was no loss of energy – no suffering of hunger pangs. I was satisfied. After 7 P.M., when I finally got a chance to eat again, I had three corn muffins and a salad of lettuce and carrots.

But what muffins! We make them with a pound of carrots blended to make the liquid and they are a golden color and delicious – we only use cereals occasionally but when we do we blend them with vegetables.

2 A.M. Still coming up.

The other day one of our workers did not come to work. He had had a belly ache. We asked him what he had eaten – a mixture of rice-sweets and oranges – a sure-fire gas maker, and he had suffered for several hours. We know better than to mix any kind of starches with sweets or acids, and we eat our fruit separately. We would not use even our wholesome vegetable corn muffins with orange juice or sweets – the result is no belly aches or gas. This is part of Natural Hygiene teaching – upon plenty of experience and experimental observation.

After our late supper, we had correspondence to do and book orders to fill. The extra workers did not come on Saturday. And as we had a heavy day we went to bed early – about 10 P.M. after taking a relaxing hot bath to ease muscles ordinarily not used – the relaxation put us to sleep for a nap in the bath tub. Then in bed we read the news about the appointment of Congressman Ford for Vice President. He had to be hamstrung by promising not to run for President in 1976. What a terrible deprivation of the rights of man. No man should ever be forced or required to give up his American constitutional right to run for office. But he probably fulfills the requirements of the president and public official selectors who run our government. What a rotten bunch of public officials they have selected for us!

And we read of the Jews’ invasion of Syria, with American guns and planes and that they were within shooting distance of Damascus, one of the oldest cities of the world, probably soon to be destroyed by American guns. Jordan with its puny air force of 30 planes and a few men was now to enter the war.

By 11 or 11:30 we were through but not particularly sleepy, but we turned out the light and finally drifted off to sleep.

Many people do not understand why we sleep. The blood and nerve energy is drawn away from the brain as the body uses it elsewhere to digest and assimilate food, and rebuild broken-down tissue. One would think that after a heavy day’s work this would take a lot of time. Our experience is that this is not so. The amount of sleep required seems to depend upon the food taken. Heavy foods require a great amount of time to digest. Natural foods do not.

By 2 A.M. our food was fully digested and assimilated and we were awake.

We decided to share our knowledge and experience with our readers, so we have been typing this story, not in any way for the purpose of putting forth our personality, but for the lesson which some may benefit from.

So the morals are:

• A heavy day’s work at 72 by a Natural Hygienist is not exhausting.
• We do not require eight hours sleep.
• Fruits can provide the energy for heavy work; of course, we also eat other natural foods – but we can work on fruit juice a whole day.
• Billionaires who follow medical superstition do not always live long.
• God does not protect his biggest promoters.
• Liquor is not as good to drink as orange juice.
• Billy Graham’s Satan does not kill off those who do not believe his childish drivel, promoted by the big publishers.

So, here we are now at 3:30 A.M. still alive, and hoping to do some good for our few readers, to make their lives better – while the Billionaire press fills them full of injurious propaganda.

We will eat an orange and go back to bed and do some reading about important matters the public never gets the chance to know about – but of which Truth Seeker readers are informed.

The item is an eight-page newsletter about the great power struggle between the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, the Jewish-Arab War and Oil. The public will never know about it.








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